• Business Law

    Gord Howorth provides business law legal assistance with buying, selling, financing or reorganizing your business – including franchises and dealerships.  Recent transactions have included * web-based IT companies, * specialized metal manufacturer, * optometrist, * construction company, * florist, * baker, * restaurants including fast food and dine-in, * hotel, * safety supply company, * hairdresser, * watch repair and sales company, * auto repair and auto body shops, * gas stations and * insurance brokerage.



  • Business Succession Planning

    If it is time to make arrangements to reorganize your family business or pass on more responsibility to the next generation, I can help you to make the transition work for both generations.  Working with you and your accountants, we can take steps to reduce tax and allow the business to continue in the hands of the next generation.  Some of the tax efficiency techniques can also be used to bring in new owners into the business or change ownership structures.



  • Corporate Law

    In the area of corporate law, I provide legal assistance with incorporating new Manitoba or federal corporations or changes needed to existing corporations.  Working in a team with you and your accountants,we can reorganize your corporation to maximize tax efficiency with rollovers or other mechanisms and prepare resolutions to declare dividends or bonuses to distribute corporate profits.  Where appropriate, a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement can be put in place to provide solutions to common business issues.



  • Corporate Finance

    In the area of corporate finance, I provide legal assistance with various financing techniques for corporate borrowing, including acting on the instructions of your financial institution to place security on assets or receivables or shares and providing opinion letters in support of corporate borrowing.



  • Cross-Border Transactions

    I am experienced in assisting with inter-provincial or international transactions and liaison with lawyers in other jurisdictions to complete transactions involving more than one province or country.  In the About page of this website, there is list of my international experience.